"Symbolic resilience" - can the symbolic Stag survive constant reproduction and misappropriation?

The objective of Projekt jelen is to track the cerf trouvé in its various habitats and modes of activity (military, commercial, artistic, mythical etc.).

The project is hunted not curated.
scientific/technical -> avoid the temptations of spectacularism

display (1st draft)

Slovene Hunting Association is celebrating the 100th anniversary.

VIRTUAL RICHMOND - videos from Richmond Park
NOVOTEL - promo

TROPHY - boiling down the meat (file: kotel1, kotel2)
TRADITIONS - Wolpertinger, link2, link3, book1, book2, link4, online game, trophy (file: jelen-zajec1,2)
SIGNS - Brewery London (file: RCW Sign 1)
SIGNS - street sign
SIGNS - Triumph (car)
SIGNS - Zavod Flota
SIGNS - Ercigoj, embroidered (ercigoj.jpg)
EMBLEMS - Varaždin, Vojvodina
FLAGS - Belgium (file: 1175091742JacquesCharlierFahne_web)
MILITARY INSIGNIA - Jaegerbataillone (file: Wohltätigkeitsfest IWM PST 7851), YU army?
ART - Schlemmer - "The King Stag" by Carlo Gozzi. Designed by Schlemmer to emphasize mechanization and abstraction.
ART - Graditelji (NSK), Irwin prints in a petit bourgeois home (files: Delo in dom, Irwin, detajl; Delo in dom, Irwin, naslovnica)
ART - Slaven Tolj (file: priroda i drustvo)
ART - Mark Aerial Waller: White Stag
ART - Elaine Bradford, locked antlers (from the Koda book cover)
ART - Edward Janssen (text)
ART - Žiga Aljaž: Print Cover
ART - Beethoven stencil, London
ART - Chassez le naturel, Schöne Scheiße
ART - stag in art history by Jani, medieval bestiary, Vaška situla - is there a stag?
ART - Andrej Ajdič, sculptures
APHRODISIAC - sliced antlers as an aphrodisiac from Hong kong (file: HK Antler Slices), the pack (file: HK Antler Pack 3//)
PROPS - Matmos
NAMES & PRODUCTS - Marketing Agency Zum goldenen Hirschen, kruh Jelen, pivo Jelen (jelenfootball)
PLACES - Jelendol (village near Kočevje), trgovina Jelen (Celje), Hotel Jelen (abandoned, Kranj)

ANTLERS - used in the Laibach performance Kovači bodočnosti (Rogaška Slatina, 1994), owner: Nani Poljanec
ANTLERS - gardening tool from Podlipa (file: jelen_sajenje)

GREEK MYTHOLOGY - Penthesilea & the Stag (comparison Achilles - Aktaion) -> KLEIST
CHRISTIAN MYTHOLOGY - St. Hubertus, , St. Hubert of Liege, img from Bistra (sculpture)
JURE DETELA: Pesem za jelene (Poem for Stags)
("Kdor ne vidi problema jelenov kot političnega problema, nima pojma o tem, za kaj bi moralo iti pri ekoloških gibanjih - ali naj gre za okolje, pojmovano kot posestvo, ali naj gre za blagor vsake živali? V Pesmi za jelene sem hotel artikulirati zavest o nemoči pesmi, da bi rešila ta politični problem.")
KLEIST - letters, drawing by Silvan Omerzu
PHRASES - Jelene klicati

RESEARCH - Telemetry: K. Jerina - Prostorska razporeditev, območja aktivnosti in telesna masa jelenjadi glede na okoljske dejavnike, 2006 (pdf)
RESEARCH - Interactions among the red deer (Cervus elaphus, L.) population, meteorological parameters and new growth of the natural regenerated forest in Snežnik, Slovenia; Demographic changes in a Scottish red deer population (Cervus elaphus L.) in response to sustained and heavy culling : An analysis of trends in deer populations of Creag Meagaidh National Nature Reserve 1986-2001; Red Deer in Britain; J. W. Thomas and D. E. Toweill: Elk of North America, 1982; T. H. Clutton-Brock, F. E. Guiness, S. D. Albon: Red Deer. Behaviour and Ecology of Two Sexes, 1982; Suzana Basarič: Razširjenost zemljepisnih imen velikih zveri in jelenjadi na Slovenskem, 2004.
RESEARCH - Population (from the interview in Nedelo with Janez Černač, a retired official and hunter): The original population in 19th century was much bigger and had stronger antlers but were almost made extinct after the 1848 march revolution. peasants got hold of the arms and took the liberty of hunting … because of poverty and revolt … Hunting is always a reflection of the society.
FACTS - Red Deer, jelen

A Cultural History of the Pig (Arme Schweine), exhibition, book

based on
A. Monroe: “Who Doubts the Terrible Power?” A Cultural History of the Stag
A. Monroe: The Myth of the Slovene Stag: Neue Slowenische Kunst and the Reprocessing of Traditional Symbolism
A. Monroe: Projekt jelen – “cerf trouvé”, a draft

so far hunted by A. Monroe, J. Pirnat, H. Pivec, A. Pirman

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