Glossary / Besednjak

agency – role assumed by the Domestic Research Society as the local organisation which took care of the execution, registration and publication of the -> Jelenometry project
appearance – unprovoked phenomenon of perception (Cf. -> sighting)
boiling down the trophy – process of transmutation of the prey into a trophy, the actual into symbolic; taken as a metaphor for the public presentation of the hunt for the symbolic stag (Cf. ->Jelenometry)
compulsion – phenomenon of increased attentiveness; alertness to the symbolic Stag images increases the researcher’s attentiveness and causes a long-lasting effect on his/her perception
hunted not curated – a principle used as a conceptual support; an optional departure point which rejected existing methods and objectives of curatorial praxis and enabled the work; the principle was gradually superseded during the working process
jelenocid – Slovene neologism for the extinction of Stags on Slovene-inhabited territory due to over-hunting; this followed the 1848 revolution and the ending of the feudal monopoly on hunting rights
Jelenometry – Anglo-Slovene title of the research and public presentation of the hunt for the symbolic stag (jelen in Slovene)
myth of the Slovene Stag – notion of the Stag as a Slovene motif (based on a text by A. Monroe)
overidentification – method of "subversive affirmation" first identified by Slavoj Žižek, which A. Monroe used in identifying the Stag as one of the most important motifs used by the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK)
overload – excessive omnipresence of Stag imagery (Cf. ->compulsion)
research exhibition – type of the exhibition; its task is to present the results of the research and seek the most appropriate means of representation
Richmond Park – former royal hunting ground to which deer were introduced in the 17th Century; field visits to the park were critical to the development of the ->Jelenometry concept
self-authorisation – work carried out under the researcher and artists’ own authority, without having being commissioned by an institution
sighting – phenomenon of provoked perception (Cf. ->appearance)
symbolic stag – the object of interest, collection and research presented in ->Jelenometry

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