Draft 1

ENVIRONMENT 1 - Haunting
Project large scale video footage of stags in the area around Stari Trg at night, creating a ghostly effect – so that these stags “haunt” the area, suddenly emerging projected across the street/buildings, then disappearing again. There should be two or three projection points and the images should be varied and appear at irregular intervals so that their appearances are unexpected. A choice has to be made between doing this for one night unannounced, or warning people in advance and letting it run for a few days. Stag calls can also be played back irregularly in the surrounding area.

ENVIRONMENT 2 - Overload
As a metaphor for the industrial scale use and abuse of the symbolic stag create and play high-speed video loops within Kabinet from the stag images gathered during the research. The images can appear at random for a few seconds only, the effect should be disorientating but hypnotic – after a while people will “acclimatise” and begin to notice individual images within the flow. To achieve maximum overload, there could be one projection on each wall, each playing a different sequence of images. If a balance can be found between video and physical display, stag artefacts can also be present in the space.

ENVIRONMENT 3 - Virtual Richmond
Use Richmond stills and clips to re-create the park atmosphere within cabinet as a backdrop to displays of objects and documentation.

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